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United Way of Berks County Privacy and Confidentiality Policy Statement

Respecting the confidentiality and privacy of our donors, volunteers, staff, partners and of the Organization itself is a basic guiding value of United Way of Berks County. In performing our various responsibilities, we are privy to confidential information. Due to the sensitivity of this information it is important that all volunteers, staff and representatives adhere to the policy that information shared with them remains confidential, is not disclosed to others and/or used for personal gain.

Collection and Handling of Data

The collection of information about current and potential constituents and others with whom United Way of Berks County does business is customary and expected. The collection of data by the Organization?s volunteers, staff or representatives will be permitted only if performed by lawful means, is not intrusive and only for a purpose related to the activities of United Way of Berks County. Access to this information will be strictly controlled on a need-to-know basis and the information will be used only for internal business purposes. All third-party sales, exchange, or other distribution is prohibited.

Movement of Data

Volunteers, employees and representatives are cautioned to demonstrate professionalism, good judgment, and care to avoid unauthorized or inadvertent disclosures of confidential information and should, for example, refrain from leaving confidential information contained in documents or on computer screens in plain view, refrain from using speakerphones unless all parties acknowledge it, refrain from sending information by electronic mail, etc.

Storage and Retention of Data

Network users will not permanently store private or confidential information on workstation hard-drives, tablets, etc. All computer media containing sensitive information will be locked when not in use. All hardcopy sensitive information will be locked in file cabinets, desks, or other furniture.

Disclosure of Third-Party Private Data

Information that can be directly linked to a specific constituent will only be released to third parties if: (1) the constituent has provided prior written consent, or (2) United Way of Berks County is legally required to disclose the information.

The electronic mail addresses and telephone numbers of correspondents with all users of United Way of Berks County communication systems are considered confidential and will not be released to third parties unless United Way of Berks County is compelled to do so by law or regulation.

Disposal and Destruction of Data

When disposed of, all confidential information in hardcopy form must be shredded.

Lost or Stolen Data

If sensitive information is lost, is disclosed to unauthorized parties, or is suspected of being lost or disclosed to unauthorized parties, the Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration must be notified immediately.

Separation of Service

Upon separation of employment or volunteer service, we will return, all documents, papers, and other materials, that may contain confidential information.

Other Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Constituents are given the opportunity to remain anonymous so that names, gift amounts and/or other information will not be publicly released by indicating such a desire on the United Way of Berks County pledge form and/or by contacting United Way of Berks County by telephone, email, regular mail, or other means of communication.

Constituents also are given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving educational and/or solicitation materials either by telephone, email, regular mailings, or other means of communication by contacting United Way of Berks County by telephone, email, regular mail, or other means of communication.


In consideration of the employment, continuance of employment or volunteer assignment/duties of Loaned Campaign Specialist by United Way of Berks County it is hereby agreed as follows:


During my period of employment or volunteer assignment, United Way may disclose or cause to be disclosed to me, confidential information relating to personnel matters, such as information regarding salaries, disciplinary measures, etc. regarding individual employees, financial information regarding contractual arrangements, pricing, letters of agreement or understanding, intellectual property developed by United Way employees, identifiable confidential matters, or information regarding donors or prospective donors, etc. I recognize such information to be the property of United Way and I agree to hold such information in trust and solely for United Way?s benefit and not to disclose such information to those inside or outside United Way, either during or after employment or volunteer assignment, without the written consent of the President of United Way. Further, I agree to follow United Way?s Privacy and Confidentiality Policies and hereby acknowledge receipt of those policies upon signing this agreement. Information will no longer be deemed confidential if it becomes part of the public domain through no breach by the undersigned.


This agreement shall continue in any subsequent employment or volunteer assignment of mine by United Way and extend to United Way?s successors or assigns. Further, upon leaving United Way?s employ or volunteer assignment, I agree not to take with me, without obtaining the written consent of the President of United Way, any document or tangible evidence of confidential information belonging to or under the control of United Way, whether on disk, recorded or hard copy, whether an original or reproduction. Further, if I am granted permission to take confidential information with me, I agree I will not use that information for personal or professional gain.


I will strictly adhere to any obligations I may have with former employers/organizations insofar as the use or disclosure of confidential information is concerned.


I understand that any breach of this agreement is grounds for corrective action, up to and including separation of employment or service with by United Way.
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